Tyler grew up in the countryside of southern Ontario.  He was faced with a conflict at an early age between the church, freedom, and the fear of God.  He had just finished high school by some stroke of luck and was a life guard at a local provincial park when he crashed his motorcycle into a sewage truck while on route to work.

In between his bouts with injuries and frustration with forever trying to complete something, he leads a mostly blissful existence through physically training, practicing yoga, traveling, and his spiritual practices.  After a challenging experience with photography college he is currently attempting to mend his passion for photography and seeking his life calling.


Having 13+ years experience of living with ABI and having put forth a considerable amount of work into my rehab, I feel compelled to share insights I've gathered over the years. And also to invite a conversation around living with ABI, in hopes of strengthening those affected by brain damage.

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