At the moment I am trying to complete this website, complete a 3 year old photo series, and mend a knee injury I sustained practicing yoga in India.    -talk about multitasking, eh?!  

Actually I'm trying to avoid becoming overwhelmed from it all by focusing.  
As my Occupational Therapist would often say I'm  "going off madly in all directions" -in other words going after everything and accomplishing nothing.   Focus.


Currently putting finishing touches on this site, editing, proofing, final touches.  Feeling alright with where things are at with it all.  Wanting to put more of a general direction on it with less of a personal theme, but hoping that that may come organically later on in this project.


Speaking with dear friend and has been suggested I not "try to reinvent the wheel" -I'm not about to create this page that will blow facebook into history.  So Now I have started a Survivors Guild facebook group page.  I'm beginning to feel a bit weird about it as I discover already existing groups with the name Survivors Guild -a place to vent about you custody/divorce battles. They were there first anyway.


Now entering the final phase/ edit before launching, I take a moment to think of the incredibly patient and talented friends and teachers I have in my life.  They've been key instrumental factors of my successes whether by inspiration, technical help, or straight up advice.

I owe them many thanks for their support.


The site is now live. Have been getting things in order to get it out in the open. Just added some newer "final touches"  (VIDEOS section). Finishing a promo piece to have some hard material to promote and bring awareness to this site and what I'm trying to create here. 


Launched this site via twitter last week as well as thanking the friends who helped along the way.  I am going to share it on Facebook to get some feedback.


Getting back to the site now with a clearer vision of needs.  I have been in contact with a gentleman in England who has ABI.  He expressed some ambiguity around my request for sharing "Strategies" to help other people around brain injuries.  Now I am trying to develop a template to make it more clear and efficient.